UTCAA-University of Toronto Chinese Alumni Association
UTCAA 多大华人校友会
University of Toronto Chinese Alumni Association

What is 什么是 UTCAA?

UTCAA是多伦多大学华人校友会 (University of Toronto Chinese Alumni Association)的简称。UTCAA成立于2012年,是多伦多大学唯一一个校园官方认可的华人校友会,也是校园众多华人组织里唯一一个以校友为纽带的组织。我们的宗旨是凝聚校友,服务母校,服务校友。我们致力于加强世界各地多大华人校友的联系。UTCAA是你与母校联络的桥梁,是你与昔日同窗相会的驿站,是你寄托青春回忆的家园,是你离开母校后的人生加油站,也是你扩展人脉,事业发展,获取资源的平台。在这里我们互帮互助,互相关爱,共同成长,共同营造一个温暖的大家庭。想了解更多UTCAA活动,请关注微信公众号:utcaa2012

The University of Toronto Chinese Alumni Association offers alumni a meaningful forum to create personal and professional relationships with the community that extended the university experience beyond classrooms. The association was founded in year 2012 and it is the only Chinese alumni association recognized by University of Toronto. We aim to bring alumni together and provide opportunities to foster the communication among Chinese alumni from all over the world. UTCAA will provide you the means to stay connected with the events at your home university and help you keep in touch with your former classmates. UTCAA will also facilitate you for your career development by incorporating information from different resources in our alumni database. We strive to offer the best platform and create a central hub for Chinese alumni and it is our goal to build a second family for you away from home. If you are interested in taking part in more UTCAA events, please follow this WeChat account: utcaa2012

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